Only one Savior

I have several times heard a joke about a religious man in a flood. In the beginning a boat comes by, but the man refuses to get in because he has faith that God will save him.

Frank Turk and the church

In Frank Turk's third installment of his tirade of confusion and misinformation...

Frank Turk doesn't use a warhorse

Frank Turk recently lost his mind while bashing Abolish Human Abortion, here. He takes things like "Abolitionists do not trust in warhorses or chariots" and picks apart these and show how they just escape being hypercalvinist.

Frank Turk inserts the word "Movement"

Frank Turk, over at PyroManiacs wrote about Abolish Human Abortion (AHA) recently, here. Turk calls AHA "sly" when talking about AHA's view of the word "pro-life".