The Errant Knight

I am a knight of the Lord of Hosts,
Look at my armor gleam!
I have many virtues and boasts,
For I am more than I seem.

Before me on the road a snake,
But I won't pause or fear.
For I will make its teeth to break.
​The knight of the Lord draws near!

Abolition and the use of theology

The only thing that will actually help our culture is the gospel, and the only thing that will bring about the abolition of human abortion is the providence of God. Now that that’s on the table, let’s address how Christians and non-Christians can both work to bring an end to this slaughter.

I argue from science, not religion…

So say many from the Pro-Life position. If they actually are engaging others on behalf of those not yet born, then I commend them for their willingness to do so. But, I wonder why they take a reductionist approach. Then again, it may be that this is worse than just a reduction. Why would a christian avoid theological arguments in favor of scientific (read secular) claims?

Evolutionary Argument Against Naturalism

These are a few examples of evolutionary arguments against naturalism (EAAN). The basic idea is that if evolutionary naturalism is true, we couldn't know it and have no basis on which to argue it.